Explanation of Lock Bumping


In case of security, a person can expect majority time, while leaving their offices and homes, to return with valuables, contents, furnishings in place and secure. No matter how relieved anybody is or assertive in their neighborhood or workplace security there is still a fear that security measures and locks are in place.

Despite of all improvements made in locks as well as security industries certain ways stick at obstructing these protective devices and the most promptly known is called lock bumping.

With the use of a bump key the lock is opened is the process of lock bumping. A bump key is specially crafted and designed to open every lock of same type. The method of making this key includes using a file on an ordinary key and transforming it so that when it is interleaved into a regular door lock it can be tapped so that inner cylinder pins bump up so that door lock opens.

Locks having trap pins that engross when a pin does not support it are some measures taken to conflict lock bumping , there by stopping the cylinder lock.

One of the most effective ways of avoiding the lock bumping factor is to have keys that can restrict lock bumping or something known as enumerated keys.